Friday, 6 July 2012

A Day at the Shops

Hi lovelies!

     I am two weeks into my summer vacation and it has been quite enjoyable so far. I took a well needed  two months off so I could concentrate on school to pull up my average as much as I could for my final mark. As you could have probably guessed by the title of this post, I went shopping with the bestie! However, this "mall" wasn't like any ordinary mall, it was a strip mall. By this I mean the kinds where you would have to walk out of each individual store to go to the next one.
     Honestly, the trip was quite spontaneous. We did the most random things, ate a whole meal, and the best part? We didn't spend a single penny! How you might be thinking? Well just keep on reading to find out. First we walked around a bit, and went into some shops like Aritzia, Anthropologie (which I absolutely love!) and then we came to Murale. Murale is a beauty store, similar to Sephora, and since I saw a posting online for a professional NARS makeup lesson by a man name Andre (who apparently has many credentials in the makeup industry) I decided that we should sign up. This class was two hours and very knowledgeable, I learned a lot, got a makeover from a makeup artist and this is where the freebies kick in. There were complimentary sandwiches and water for the guests! Not little finger foods, but the whole sandwich! So we ended up taking three and splitting it so one and a half each. After the lesson, they gave us this coupon which allowed us to have one free hot beverage at a local espresso shop, so we seized the opportunity and got free drinks!
     If you made it to the end of this long story, I applaud you because this is probably the longest post I've ever written about my day. So keep on scrolling to see the pictures!

     Here are the photos:
^ the makeup lesson
^ delish complimentary sandwiches
 ^ the espresso shop
^ pinkies up!
^ can you tell we've had a makeover?

Hugs and kisses,