Thursday, 16 February 2012

Equestrian Elegance

Hi lovelies!

     I love the look of equestrian clothing because it looks so sophisticated, conservative and put together, which is how I personally classify my style. Although I have never ridden a horse, I'm inspired by the fashion. A classic horse back riding outfit consists of a blazer, a button-up shirt, tight riding pants and riding boots. At an attempt to recreate the look, I took a more wearable and casual take on the outfit.

     Here are the photos:
 ^ looking at my fabulous boots
^ ruffled blouse
^ doesn't it look like I'm riding a horse? haha
^ sending my love ♥
Cardigan- Urban Outfitters; Blouse- H&M; Jeans- Levi; Belt- H&M; Boots- Steve Madden

Hugs and kisses, 

P.S. I'm sorry that the photos aren't clear, I had to take these photos by myself with the 10 second timer option so I couldn't focus it. :(

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Simplicity in Stripes

 Hi lovelies!

     Has this week been as hectic to you as it has to me? I had a bunch of tests, assignments and exams to do but good thing that's over! This post is based on what I think every girl should have in her closet, a striped shirt! Striped shirts are kind of risky since they do bring the illusion of width to the body. One of my friends actually asked me "how do you wear a striped shirt?" and I guess that kind of inspired this post.
     The way I wore my striped shirt in this post is through layering and one tiny pop of colour. This outfit involves monochromatic colours with one bold colour, turquoise. Without any further ado, scroll down to see the pictures.

     Here are the photos:
^ start off with your striped shirt
^ add a black cardigan
^ accessorize with a turquoise necklace
^ the turquoise necklace
Cardigan- H&M; Shirt- H&M; Jeans- Levi; Flats- Costa Blanca X; Necklace- Forever 21

Hugs and kisses,

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Partying in Pyjamas

Hi lovelies!
     In my fashion class at school, one of our projects was to make a pair of pyjamas. So when I was buying the materials needed, I wanted my fabric theme to be "girly and floral" and that's exactly what I got. Some people thing floral is granny-like but I really like the trend!
     I never knew making a simple pair of PJ pants took so much work. I had about five weeks (I think) to work on this project, and I finished early. When I was done sewing and putting together my PJs, I wanted to show my readers! So with the help of my sister, we had a "pyjama photo shoot". I know we're not the most professional people in the world but it was fun!

     Here are the photos:
^laughter is the best medicine 
^ moustache face
^ singing with the lamp
Top- Forever 21; Pants- I made them!; Slippers- Steve Madden

     Now for the random stuff. Since I want to get more conversation going on in the comments, what are your favourite shows at the moment? I recently found this amazing show called "Jane by Design" and can totally envision myself in Jane's shoes, or should I say heels, haha. We're similar in many ways, and I would kill to have her internship.

     Here's the photo:
^ my fave TV show
     I want to hear from you readers! What are your favourite shows? Have you ever sewn something for yourself to wear before? And what posts would you like to see from me in the future? Thanks for reading!

Hugs and kisses,