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My Favourite Beauty Products

Hi lovelies!
     Today I've got a good (but long) post in store for you readers. As requested by one of my friends, I have decided to show you my top eight makeup must haves and review them. There are a couple holy grail products here, so if you're looking into buying one (or more!) of these products but not sure whether they are worth the investment, hype or quality, you've come to the right place!

     Here's the photo:

1. The Urban Decay NAKED Palette is one of the most popular neutral eyeshadow palettes. I personally adore this palette because the eyeshadows are great quality with amazing pigmentation; there's a variety of colours for every skin tone that range from an everyday natural look to a nighttime smoky look.
     Cost: $58 (CAD) at Sephora
2. The NARS Laguna Bronzer is one of my all time favourites and one of my holy grail products. It's the perfect shade for my fair skin colour, not to mention the slight shimmer too! This bronzer gives off a natural, sun kissed glow while adding dimension to the face.
     Cost: $38 (CAD) at Sephora
3. The NARS Deep Throat Blush despite the name, is the "hype girl" to NARS' Orgasm Blush which is much more popular than 'Deep Throat'. However, since I do own both, I much prefer NARS' Deep Throat Blush because it's pretty much the same colour but has no gold undertone and less shimmer.
     Cost: $29 (CAD) at Sephora
4. MAC products really have a spot in my heart, haha! Not only do they cost less, but are also very much worth the value. My MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium is my other holy grail product. This is a product I encourage all my readers to buy, it gives the perfect coverage and does not look cakey at all.
     Cost: around $27 (CAD) at MAC
5. Another product I love is the MAC Blankety Lipstick. This colour compliments my skin tone perfectly and adds a slight bit of colour as well. I really love MAC lipsticks because of the colour options, the formulation and the scent. I suggest MAC lipsticks in general, to everyone!
      Cost: $19 (CAD) at MAC
6. A highlighter will brighten up the high points on the face and give off a little shine, the Benefit High Beam is the best one to do so. The fun part, is that the packaging resembles a nail polish but is actually a liquid highlighter.
     Cost: $30 (CAD) at Sephora
7. Mascara is not a product I use on an everyday basis however, if I did wake up early enough everyday to use it, I would use the Makeup Forever Smoky Lash Mascara. If you know me well, you'd probably think that Maybelline One by One is my favourite. I mean I like it very much but it doesn't do much for my eyelashes. 'Smoky Lash' really volumizes and lengthens my lashes while 'One by One' just holds the curl.
     Cost: $24 (CAD) at Sephora
8. YAY, last product! This is yet again, another product I don't use everyday, but is still one of the best liquid eyeliners I have ever used. The Stila Liquid Eyeliner is very easy to use and the colour payoff is amazingly dark and does not smudge or budge at all.
     Cost: $26 (CAD) at Sephora

     If you read everything from the beginning to the end, I adore you very much and I'm sending kisses your way; and if you didn't... none for you! I'm just joking, I thank EVERY one of my readers that took the time to stop by and even glance at this post.

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Bernita N

<3 :)

Messy Little Monsters

Im in LOVE with the Naked Palette! I've read so much about it and i keep wishing i had one! Sadly, we don't have urban decay in hk and i'm way too lazy to actually order it online.. haha!
P.s Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving the lovely comment!
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The naked palette is my favourite palette ever, I never need to buy eyeshadows again :)

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Hi Messy Little Monsters, you should order it; you won't regret it! Thank you so much, I'll follow you too. ♥

Hi Sophie, I totally agree with you! I'm set for life with this palette, haha. And for sure I'll enter your giveaway!

Amanda Park

love the naked palette!

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OOOh thanks for the post, I am in desperate need of new bronzer!


Hi dear. I'm having trouble figuring where to click on you page to follow.

Loretta Nguyen

i want the naked palette so bad!!

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