Sunday, 1 September 2013

Makeup Must Haves

     Like every other girl out there, I like to wear makeup to look more decent, feel more confident, and hide those little insecurities that surface my face. Although I only use a select amount of products, these few items are pretty much my everyday go-to necessities for getting ready in the morning. Without further ado, scroll down to see my makeup must haves!
^ the precisely displayed contents of my makeup bag 

 ^ a Sephora makeup bag I got once upon a time at a grand opening

      As you can see here, these are all my products used on my face, it's very minimal BUT it's all i need anyway. I'll just give a brief review of each product so you could get the jist of why I like them.

Urban Decay's NAKED Flushed Palette
A quick Google search will show you the inside of this amazing palette. What I love most about this is that all the face products you need are in there! (A bronzer, a blush, and a highlighter) I mainly use the bronzer for my face and it gives the perfect bronze glow to my skin. The glitterless bronzer is a perfect match for summer, since it won't clog your pores! The blush and highlighter are also amazingly pigmented.

MAC Studio Finish Pressed Powder
If you're looking for a light coverage powder for your face, look no further! This product took me an eternity to finish, especially since I was alternating between this powder and my MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural (which to be honest I like a bit better). MAC powders do a great job in keeping your face shine free all day.

Clean & Clear Oil Blotting Sheets
Speaking of shiny faces, these blotting sheets are absolutely amazing in getting those oily spots on your face. The quality of the sheets themselves are incredible since they don't rip with use opposed to those Boscia ones I own (no offense Boscia blotting linens, haha). A great investment in my opinion!

Benefit's Watts Up
On a more positive not of shine, this creamy Benefit highlighter (obtained from Sephora's birthday perks, p.s you should sign up to get one too on your b-day!) has a great creamy consistency with just the rights amount of shine, illuminating the face without looking tacky.

Whole Food's Organic Peppermint Chapstick
I love the smell of mint in general, so this lip product is perfect for other mint lovers out there! With just the right amount of mint without being too potent and the perfect amount of moisture, what's not to love? Oh and it's organic so that's another plus!

^ my everyday brushes
(L-R: Sigma F-40, Mac 217, Ecotools Bronzing Brush, Bare Minerals Brush)
          Going on a little tangent here, I have been loving these skincare products at the moment. My skin hasn't been very agreeable lately so these two products have been my lifesavers. Here's why!

Clean & Clear Persa Gel 5
I've read many reviews about this product and was hesitant to try it but am so glad I did! This acne medicated product can literally get rid of you zits overnight, and any upcoming and inevitable breakouts. A definite recommendation on my behalf, not only that but it comes with loads of product in such a tiny tube.

Clean & Clear Acne Control Moisturizer
I swear I'm not a Clean & Clear ambassador or anything but they just make such amazing products for my acne prone-combination skin. So with that, I decided to try their moisturizer, once again with many positive reviews I decided to jump on the bandwagon and purchase one myself to see what the fuss was about. I was quickly impressed by the product, it didn't give that sticky feeling some moisturizers do and paired with the Persa Gel 5, it worked wonders!

          Hope I didn't burn your eyes out, or tire your minds with this lengthy post but I just had to share my must haves with you readers! Hope you liked it.



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