Sunday, 10 November 2013

My Bucket List

     After being inspired by this video I have begun to compile a list of things I want to do before I die. It will obviously take a lot of effort to try and achieve them all but I feel like everyone has certain things they want to do in the future. As time progresses, more things will be added but for now this is my list!

     Some may sound ridiculous but who cares!

  1. Graduate high school
  2. Visit every continent
  3. Learn how to use a Yo-Yo
  4. Go to Disney World
  5. Go camping (in a real tent)
  6. Run a 5K
  7. Go horseback riding
  8.  Watch a musical live
  9. Start a tradition
  10. Go on a spontaneous road trip with friends
  11. Finish a diary 
  12. Throw a surprise party
  13. Go technology free for a full day
  14. Have a picnic with friends
  15. Go on a rollercoaster
  16. Go to a corn maze
  17. Have a water fight
  18. Become a swim instructor
  19. Visit every state in the USA
  20. Go on a safari in Africa
  21. Learn to play the guitar
  22. Watch all the Harry Potter movies
  23. Drive down route 66
  24. Attend a sleepover
  25. Go rock climbing
  26. Own a yellow rain coat (preferably this one
  27. Finish a rubix cube
  28. Fall in love


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